Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chins up!

Today we reached over $1,300.00 for Lou. Everyone has helped us to get here but I have to especially thank an EXTREMELY generous donor. You know who you are! It is so amazing to me that so many people are coming together to help Louis out. I know that he is not only special to me, but a lot of you also! I want Lou to keep on living and touching the hearts of many people! At one point I was looking into him being a therapy dog, not only because I want to take him every single place that I ever go, but we wanted to visit hospitals and other places so that Lou can give his affection and love to other people in need. There is nothing like having a dog. I was so excited when I turned 18 because I could FINALLY get one.

I want my two babies to be able to have a few years with Lou. I want them to know him and know why he is such an important part of our family. I want them to know that when they are sad, Lou will jump on their beds with them and lay right next to them, staring with those deep brown eyes. I want them to grab his floppy ears and snuggle him until they fall asleep. It means a lot to me for this to happen, therefore it is very important to me to get Louis all better. Walking should be fun for him and right now they are just bothersome. Playing with our other dog should be enjoyable, but he seems to tire out and just lay in the grass even though playing fetch is his most favorite game ever!

Not to sound corny or anything, but it really is beautiful how everyone is giving us money out of their concern and care for an animal and family. It makes me want to cry thinking about it. Money does not come easy these days for most people and even just sharing a little bit is hard, but a lot of you find our dog's health and well being more important than some other things that you may want or need to spend your money on. It's also hard to trust people these days and I have never had to post anything like this before, obviously because we have never been in such a critical situation. I am doing my best to keep people updated on what is happening and how I am feeling about it and where we are at with the money. I have no intentions of scamming anyone or giving anyone false information regarding our situation. I just want to say thank you for keeping faith that Louis will be okay and thank you for all of your kind words, donations and thoughts. We truly appreciate anyone who has even taken a peak at Lou's story. I'm sure there are many families who cannot afford an expensive surgery for their pets. Thank you for reading our story. Thank you for thinking about us and thank you for all being amazing, generous people.

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  1. We are so sorry that you are going through this! We have 2 dogs ourselves, 1 being a puggle, and we can only imagine your pain. How is he doing? Are you still in need of donations? you can email us at
    We are sending positive thoughts your way!
    Maddy and Owen